Situated among the best of views Willuda Inn is a favourite to host Wedding Ceremonies, Club Parties, Birthday parties and for important meetings, and being a public favourite Willuda Inn is one of the common name to host Wedding Ceremonies We are specialized in housing Matrimonial Ceremonies; with an ideal atmosphere that will surely enliven anyone’s wedding dreams.
Our Wedding Services offered Freely

  • Five hours free for the Occasion Hall
  • Seat Covers
  • Traditional Oil Lamp & Traditional Kawichchiya
  • A special hall allocated for Photography
  • Pan Kendiya and the Cake Basket
  • Different Background settings for Photography
  • Dressing room for the bride
  • Well furnished room with the state of the art facilities for the Bride and the Groom (for occasions hosting more than 200 guests)

You can obtain the following services from Us

  • Flower Decorations
    (Poruwa Decorations, Settee Back, Lamps, Entrance Decor)
  • Poruwa Rituals (Ashtaka)
  • Kandiyan Dancing Troupes
  • Jayamangala Gathas
  • Professional Photographers;
  • Lighting for occasions in the Night
  • If require VIP services (Champaign Fountain)